Outstanding Service Awards

George Award

The Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce and the City of Astoria are proud to honor a local recipient for outstanding community service every year. The prestigous George Award honors someone who has consistently stepped forward to meet community needs, instead of “letting George do it.”

Richard Ford Distinguished Service Award

Richard Ford’s family established this award to honor the late Richard Ford for his exemplary service to this community. Ford worked for the City of Warrenton as the building inspector and the fire chief. But, most importantly, he volunteered his time helping his neighbors. The award, presented by the City of Warrenton & the Chamber, is given to a person who has devoted time and energy in countless ways to the community.

2018 Nominations

Chamber members and the public are invited to offer nominations. The nominations are reviewed & the recipient is selected through a committee comprised of prior recipients, a member of the Chamber board and the Mayors of the respective cities. You are encouraged to include plenty of detail about the nominee's community involvement, as well as letters of support, as the selection committee might not know the nominee. Nominations will be under consideration for two years, after which time you must re-submit your nomination if your nominee has not won.

If your nominee is selected, we will notify you by Dec. 31, 2018, and ask you to assist in making sure the recipient and his/her friends and family attend the awards ceremony. The aware recipient(s) will receive his/her award during the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting & Banquet on January 26, 2019.

The nomination and all supporting materials must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.


Submit your nomination to the Event Coordinator:

  • -Via email
  • -Via USPS: Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 176, Astoria, OR 97103, Attn: Event Coordinator
  • -In person in Astoria: Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce, 111 W. Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103
  • -In person in Warrenton: Warrenton City Hall: 225 S. Main Street/PO Box 250, Warrenton, OR 97146

George Award Recipients

1960 - George Abrahamson, Robert Chopping, Fred Andrus, Bob Wooldridge, Floyd Reith, Deskin Bergy, Astoria Jaycees, Ernie Garcia, Tom Christiansen & Nick Sculace

1961 - Floyd Coons

1962 - Arnold Swanson, Rolf Klep, Astoria Clowns, Ted Rakoski

1963 - Judge Guy Boyington, William H. Cunningham, City of Waldorf-Germany, The Mariners Drum & Bugle Corps, Pacific Power & Light Co., U.S. Senator Wayne L. Morse, Bob Jackson

1964 - Joe Dyer, Robert Hanson, Richard Paulson, Adelaine Sather, Dr. Edward Harvey, Citizens of Clatsop County

1965 - Richard Bettendorf, Bryson Lausch, Ted Marshall, Richard Jensen

1966 - Emmett Towler

1967 - Lawrence M. Dean, Virginia Haseltine, H.A. "Obie" O'Bryant

1968 - Astoria Regatta, Anchor Club, Peter G. Cosovich, Dan A. Thiel, Robert C. Westerberg

1969 - William C. Perkins, Frank Brown, Faye Eastman

1970 - John McGown, Dr. Herb Berreth

1971 - Ethlyn Lindstrom, Edna Ohlmann, O.W. "Jim" Dimick, Richard "Rip" VanWinkle

1972 - Charlie Turina, Harriet Taylor, Gregg Cruzan

1973 - Peggy Enlund, Anne Washer, Gertrude Johnson, Pat Bugas

1974 - Ella Simonsen, Harry Steinbock

1975 - Rosebud Marriott, Duncan Law

1976 - Aletha Westerberg, Robert Lovell, Anne Barbey

1977 - Dan Hall, Betty Farmer, Charles Simpson

1978 - Louise Fulton, Warren Franklin, Lenore Hauke

1979 - C. R. "Dick" Logan, Roger Berg

1980 - Peggy Goodenberger, Loran Mathews

1981 - Edith Henningsgaard, Ray Dreezen

1982 - Skip Hauke, Chuck Walters

1983 - Dale Curry

1984 - Rupert Rubio, Michael Foster, Oney Camberg

1985 - Jean Anderson, Mary Steinbock

1986 - Rae Goforth

1987 - Gail Collins, Eric Hauke, Carol Moore

1988 - Bud Forrester, Sandra Kalander, and Bill Rueter

1989 - Marlene Mestrich, Charles (Buddy) Hoell, Stan Hauer

1990 - Cheri Folk, Vera Gault, Phyllis Dubb

1991 - Joy Black, Margaret Christie, Velma Kee

1992 - Don and Ann Morden, Carl and Judy Jenkins

1993 - Robert Ellsberg, US Coast Guard Group Astoria

1994 - June Spence, Bobbie McCallister

1995 - Pat Burness

1996 Susan Borgardt, Jim Servino

1997 - Sue Davies-Collins, Victor Kee

1998 - Rod Gramson

1999 - Jerry Alderman

2000 - Larry Haskell

2001 - Tim & Melba O’Bryant

2002 - Skip Hauke (second time winner)

2003 - Bruce Conner

2004 - Willis Van Dusen

2005 - Wendy Berezay, Donna Holmstedt, Barb Roberts

2006 - Martin Bue, Ken & Nancy Lockett

2007 - Denny Holmes, Emil (Swede) Nyberg

2008 - Luke Colvin, Randy Stemper

2009 - Carl Abraham, Eric Paulson

2010 - Charlene Larsen

2011 - Juanita Price, David Lum

2012 - Mitch Mitchum, Tiffany & Brett Estes

2013 - Peter Gimre

2014 - David Reid, Willis Van Dusen (second time winner)

2015 - Dan Arnoth, Norma Hernandez

2016 - Myrle Bruner, Sara Meyer, Greg Newenhof

2017 - Julie Flues

Richard Ford Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2000 - Diane Collier & Patrica Williams

2005 - Pat O’Grady

2006 - Don Patterson

2007 - Krista Bingham

2008 - Gillian Maggert

2009 - Warrenton Volunteer Firefighter’s Association

2010 - Jim Scheller & Jann Luesse

2011 - Barbara Balensifer & Martin Nygaard

2012 - Marlin Martin

2013 - Chuck & Sharon Andersen, Leroy & Muriel Dunn

2014 - Carl & Dianne Burkhart

2015 - Judy & Gary Sivley

2016 - Darlene Warren

2017 - Gary Dick